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I finally found a copy of my old Shipwreck Challenge from Old Boolprop, tweaked it, and decided to put it back up for posterity. 

Have your sims ever set sail on a three hour tour? Now you can scream “GILLIGAN!” over and over again while they fail spectacularly at their wacky plots to get off this damn island.

- Bon Voyage and Seasons.
- A beach lot with a fishing spot, and some sims with no skills or badges, though they can be any age and have any relationship to each other. I recommend against having sims younger than teen on on the lot, as they won't be useful, but whatever you want. You can also use however many sims you want - my recommendation is between two and four, but you could have one or, assuming your computer could handle it, sixteen.
- Use a fence to block off the two tiles of sidewalk next to each edge of the lot, so that sims cannot interact with walkbys or strays. (Bills will still be delivered. Somehow.)
- an “empty refrigerators” hack, so your sims don’t get free food.
- All bugfixing hacks are allowed, as are any hacks that don't give your sims an unfair advantage by giving them slower need or aspiration drain. You should be able to play this without disarranging your mod suite in any way.

Before you start:
Before you start, purchase a bookcase, have your sim take a single book from it, and sell the bookcase. If you have six or more sims on the lot, you may take two.
Nothing may be bought to furnish the lot other than non-functional stuff from the deco catalogue, lighting, and landscaping.

I recommend not setting the sims' ACR or inteen settings, or making sure they're turned down low, because they're a distraction, and you won't have double beds in this challenge pretty much ever.

Reduce their money to zero and get cracking!

Gameplay Restrictions:
Sims cannot leave the lot or interact with anyone from outside its boundaries. This means they can't have a job, flirt with the mailman, order pizza (though you're not allowed a phone anyway...) or go to community lots. The furniture sims can buy is restricted. (See below.)

Sims cannot fertilize garden plots with bag fertilizer.

You may sell anything you catch while fishing, comb from the beach, or craft yourself. Due to the potentially ludicrously lucrative nature of the beachcombing items, you may only instruct each sim to comb for shells three times per day. When digging for treasure, only rocks and bones may be sold. Everything else is only valuable if you have a market for it, because a golden frog is really just a fancy rock when you're starving and haven't seen another human for days.

Seasons is required because the only way for your sims to feed themselves initially will be through fishing. If you stick around long enough to harvest some tomatoes, they'll probably appreciate those too.

When your sims have gathered enough money, you may purchase any of the following:

- Cheapest Toilet $300
- Cheapest Grill $210
- Cheapest Counter $200
- Cheapest full size Refrigerator (not the uni fridge, since it is also a counter, and cannot store leftovers.) $375
- Garden squares (as many as you want) $10
- Cheapest maxis trash can. (Optional)

This is your survival equipment. You may only have one of each of these items, besides the garden square, at any time. You may not sell these items and purchase new if they break, only if they become corrupted. Custom items may be used if they have similar stats to the cheapest base game item in the category, and if they cost less than the cheapest item, cheat away the equivalent money or purchase a deco item, to be displayed on the lot. (Items in sims inventories will be counted later, so try not to keep anything in there that you didn’t produce during the challenge.) All of these items fit on a single tile.

All other furniture must be unlocked by earning mechanical skill. The number of tiles any piece of bought furniture may occupy is the highest mechanical skill on your lot: all future single tile items require a sim to have a mechanical skill of 1, all 2 square items require a sim to have a mechanical skill of 2, etc.

Sims may purchase all lighting, deco, and other non-functional items once the appropriate mechanical level is reached. All functional furniture (items that increase needs or allow for skilling) is locked, and most can be unlocked.

Unlockable Items:
Plumbing: You may purchase one bathtub ($700) when someone has 3 skill points in cleaning, and one sink ($275) when a digger hits a water main/spring and someone has at least 1 cleaning skill point. With one point of mechanical skill, sims may purchase additional toilets, but only if there are at least three sims per toilet. If you have five sims, you can only have one toilet, but at six sims, you may have two.
Stoves and kitchen equipment: You may purchase one stove ($400) when someone has 3 cooking skill points. Microwaves etc are never unlocked.
Compost Bin: You may purchase this ($150) when someone has one cleaning skill point.
Easel: You may purchase one easel ($300) when someone has 3 creativity skill points. This, and the ability to skill body points by swimming, are the primary reasons for using a beach lot for this challenge.
Telescope: Unlocked when someone has 3 logic points and a treasure chest has been dug up. Necessary for departing the island. ($550)
Seating: You can purchase as much seating as you can afford. One tile seats must cost at least $80. Two tile seats must cost at least $150. All seating is subject to the base furniture size restriction.
Chess Table: Unlocked at Mechanical 2. ($399)

Locked forever:
All crafting/hobby stations:
You should be rescued before you have enough time to work on hobbies.
All electronics besides lighting: You are trapped on a deserted island. These are locked forever. There's no power anyway.
Beds: There's nothing to make a mattress out of but sand and palm leaves anyway.
Bookshelf: You may temporarily purchase a bookshelf and allow your sims to remove one book from it, then sell the bookshelf. If you have 6 or more sims on the lot, you may take two, since these books will be the only way to learn mechanical skill, and are the easiest way to learn cleaning.

Winning - Getting off the island:
You will need:
- At least one sim with 5 body points.
- At least one sim with 5 logic points
- At least one sim with 5 creativity points.
- At least one sim with 7 mechanical points
- A telescope
- A competed painting
- At least one of each vacation destination map
- $1000, to represent the “price” of boat building resources.

In order to successfully get off the island, you need a sim with the skills to build a boat (7 mechanical skill points,) a sim strong enough to row (5 body points), a sim who can navigate by the stars (5 logic points), and a sim that can draw a map. (5 creativity points.) You will also need $1000 to represent the cost of the boat, a “map” (any completed painting) based on the treasure maps you've dug up, and a spyglass. (The cheapest telescope.)

Final Score:
I decided we needed a score sheet, for all of us that are trained to play for points:

Step 1: Add together all the following:
+Value of all the sims’ dug up loot / $1000 (Round down)
+ Average Lifetime Relationship scores (add up every relationship a sim has, divide by 10, divide by number of sims)
+ Average total number of skill points
+ Average badge in fishing (2 points if everyone has at least bronze, 5 points if everyone has silver, 10 points if everyone has gold.)
+ Average badge in gardening (2 points if everyone has at least bronze, 5 points if everyone has silver, 10 points if everyone has gold.))

Step 2: Divide this by number of days spent on island!

Step 3: Subtract all the following
- 2 for every pee pants and pass out
- 1 for heat exhaustion
- 100 for any deaths
- 50 for aspiration failure
- 20 for making an enemy
- 5 for getting struck by lightning
- 10 for every cooking fire

May your sims be rescued swiftly.

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