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Since I'm at home languishing with the cold of misery, it seems like the least I can do to get birthday cards up on time! I'd have a more sims-related one, but my new mouse is being difficult when it comes to adjusting camera angles, and I've had to turn the internet off on the windows 7 computer. (Yeah, the windows 8 one, despite my best efforts, continues not to play the sims and I continue to never have both the time and energy to figure out why.)

I swear this message is meant to be cheerful. I know you like sunsets, if I'd thought harder I'd have included hordes of burning zombies and a unicorn somehow. :D
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And now I really am packing and leaving and stuff.
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Werewolf, Fire, marshmallows, and Poe.
(It was raining in this picture, but you can't tell, and I couldn't figure out how to get a zombie in time, nor did I know what I'd do with one once I'd gotten it.)

Anyway, many happy returns - hopefully I've gotten this up before your lunch break. :)
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Wait... a holiday card? From Scribbles? On time? What madness is this?

Zebrina: Look, Basil! A flying dinosaur!
Basil: Where?
Zebrina: Ha, ha, made you look, now you're in the baby book.
Basil: Shut up, Zeb.

Yeah. I had fun dressing these guys up. From left to right:
Azalea (A bit shy of thirteen): as a mermaid. I hardly think that is an appropriate costume, young lady!
Daisy (Soon to be twenty one): dressed as her mother.
Genlisea Aurea, 7: The pink bubble fairy.
Zebrina Pendula, 7: A witch. She's lost the hat already.
Rose Greenman: A gardener
Jason Greenman: A sea captain
Beasley (the wolf, age unknown): himself.
Basil, 7: A dragon
Briar, 15: A mad scientist
Rosemary, 7: A princess

I'm still in the process of giving some background people age-appropriate makeovers (I got sick of my 40 somethings looking 20 and my preteens being the same size as the kindergarteners,) and filming the new chapter. Stretchskeleton is seriously a complete win, now that I've figured out that kids are on one scale and adults and teens on another. Seriously, so close!


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