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The Elven Heritage Legacy
Chapter: 1.16
Cum Laude

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College Shennanigans )
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A selection from the journals of Zaliander the Wise
Pride Goeth before a fall... )
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Aaaah cover art!

In which College happens, Lydia investigates, and Nymea demonstrates that she is just as awful as her parents.

WTF is an embed, Slideshare? Do you even know? Why are you so goddamn unfriendly? WTF is your fascination with linkedin why are you such a butt trying to make me give my location...

If you find any Slideshare problems, please point them out! This is honestly probably the last slideshared chapter, I can't be having with leaving for 9 months and then them overhauling the whole site...

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Someday, somehow, I will get the embed right on the first try. Of course, the fact that either Slideshare or Livejournal changes their interface between chapters tells me I need to start producing them faster...

Also, if my math is right, this is my sixth Legaversary! Approximately. I've forgotten the exact date I started playing (it was sometime in the summer after Junior Yea of High School) and I know my first upload to the Exchange was sometime in late August of 2008, but all records of that are, of course, gone. So I'm just going to say that my Legaversary is approximately twelve to sixteen days into August from now on.  Screw it, it's just the 13th. I can remember that.
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Yes, I'm certain this is chapter 12. I checked and everything... And I made it through this chapter in eleven (and some) months! Not that it wasn't 50% done in May and 80% done by August... I blame Thesis.

Ahem. Like I said, this is the first chapter of 2014, and the first college chapter. Who knows, I might even get through another one within a reasonable time frame.

In any case, do you like my new cover art? It was about time for something newer than the same 10 pictures of the burning tree tortured in GIMP so that they looked different. That up there is me learning to use the gradient and draw vectors tools... but not the color replace tools. *Shrugs*
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New Chapter's up. 

I will mess with the embed some other time. Maybe when the internet becomes a reasonable place and slideshare stops changing the embed on me.

Hmmm... I think I owe someone cookies for guessing what happened last time. 
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If this doesn't embed I will be a very, very angry camper. Folks; I am home for Thanksgiving Break. School has presumably finished kicking my ass. Life is good and some of you were right (and others were far wrong,) about the outcomes of prom.

Is the embed showing up for anybody? Argh.

Have at ye.
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Finally I got this out... after next chapter I swear I will never pose in the school cafeteria again.

Oh yeah, and De, when you read this, you officially win. I've been referring to Lydia and Ana as "Lydiana" for the last half of the chapter in my notes. :)

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Finally! A chapter that's finished on time.

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I always think these things are going to take less time than they actually do...

So here, have a long stretch of elfy goodness. Extra long, in fact - this might be in the running for my longest proper chapter.

Missed Memoria?
Missed Memoria, Part 4?

Onwards to 1.9 Bad Company
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PhotobucketMemoria, Part 3 )
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PhotobucketMemoria: Part 3 )
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Summary: Five generations of elves who have migrated from another world, Elphemerea, will have to learn to deal with the modern world in Riverblossom Hills and the surrounding area, while remaining true to their heritage and traditions. Meanwhile, I get progressively better at photoshop.

Generation One: Haldir

The story as a whole is rated PG for swearing, some violence, some sexual situations. Individual warnings are largely on the chapters themselves.

Generation One: Haldir
Chapter One: Arrival.
Chapter Two: Off to See the Wizard
Chapter Three: Domestic Bliss
Chapter Four: The Three Musketeers, part 1

Midina's Interlude: If it Makes You Happy

Chapter Five: The Three Musketeers, Part 2
Chapter Six: The Three Musketeers, Part 3
Chapter Seven: Sisterly Love

Eluisa's Interlude: Memoria Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4,

Chapter Eight: Friends Like These.
Chapter Nine: Bad Company
Chapter Ten: Tremors
Chapter Eleven: Graduand (Part 1), Graduand (Part 2)
Chapter Twelve: Sophomoric
Chapter Thirteen: Fresh Meat*
Chapter Fourteen: Senioritis

Zaliander's Interlude: Hubris

Chapter Fifteen: Cum Laude

* Note: The entirety of Shadows Fall takes place during Fresh Meat, and though it's not germane to the main legacy, I recommend reading it. At least before you read Cum Laude. It will probably update before the next legacy chapter anyway... as I'm doing simblreen again, for 2016. :D

Can't wait for the next chapter? Check out some official fics for the Elven Heritage Legacy. (Note: I haven't been putting a lot of these up recently.)

Download the Elves: This will be up and running when I start graduating this batch from college, and sort my geneticized skins. I'm a bit of a perfectionist and I'm currently looking for better versions of the old Enalya pixie skins and for eyes where they've got the corners from Anva's Sclera, but no vast black gaps above when sims open their eyes wide. 
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Memoria )
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And you get a switched-up cover page, as I was feeling like being creative in Gimp.
Be warned though - along with all the cute family drama, this chapter's taken a darker turn. In fact, I've done something for it that I haven't done for any chapter before - given it that "Are you fourteen, at least?" warning, mostly for:
1) Adult Locations
2) Unrecognizable innnuendo.
And it's all in one scene, too. It's towards the end...
Ehl1.8 sisterly love
View more presentations from ScribalGoddess.

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... And I am never doing a three-part chapter again. How long has it taken me to put up all three? I'll give you a hint - it's more than 6 months.
On a much happier note, Merry Christmas everyone! If you're offended by that, please form a line behind Scrooge ->
(Or accept my "Vague benefaction for a winter holiday," which somehow doesn't have the same ring to it.)
Oh, and you all get virtual cookies. Gingerbread men are another thing that takes far too long.

Fixed slide 108. (Grumbles quietly about Slide Share) Thanks for the heads up Talaie!

Previously on The Elven Heritage Legacy: 1.5 The Three Musketeers, part 2
Continue to: 1.7 Sisterly Love
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Actually, I'm a little early. But it's almost eleven a.m. here, and the international date line is.... approximately three or four time zones to the west. So for some of you, such as Dumdumdeedum and Joandsarah, it may actually be the 28th already. Or maybe it works the opposite way. I really should figure that out. Whatever - I am done! Have the very last exchange chapter, freed of awkward grammar and bad spelling.

Oh, and by the way, you in the southern hemisphere, it's hot up here.

Previously on The Elven Heritage Legacy: 1.2 Off to See the Wizard
Continue to: 1.4 The Three Musketeers (Part 1)
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So, I have slideshared chapter 2 (well, 1.2) and it's only 37 pages! That's including title and closing remarks, and I don't know how that happened. All the same, I've always been proud of this little monster - I managed it before I discovered poseboxes.

Oh, and though there are references to the Princess Bride and the Lord of the Rings in there, along with the Wizard of Oz stuff that comes with the title, they're very oblique and probably could only be picked up by one who is as obsessed with The Princess Bride as I am. Or maybe I just remember thinking about the similarities there while writing this. Ah, well: four days to the Legaversary.

Previously on The Elven Heritage Legacy: Chapter 1.1: Arrival
Continue to Chapter 1.3: Domestic Bliss
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Okay, I didn't change it that much. In fact, what I really did was convert it to slideshare. (A herculean undertaking; my estimate is something like four hours of work here - less than composing a new chapter but definitely more than I thought it would be.) Oh, and I fixed all the spelling and grammar failures, because even if they weren't bugging you they were bugging me.  So one long and somewhat painful trip down memory lane later, I present to you:

Warning: Pictures are closer than they appear large format, but low quality. But really, it's the beginning of a legacy, so there's not that much to see.

Onwards to Chapter 1.2: Off to See the Wizard

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And because of technical issues that delayed one scene, I am finally able to present to you your new chapter, made possible by constant backups, creative license, and simPE installed properly the second time.
That said, no one reads these, so onward:

That said, I am not 100% happy with this one. It's hard coming back from the interlude, where I controlled how everything happened, to try and write in what gets thrown my way. Trying to continue the way that the interlude flowed into this just did not work. This one's a little lumpy (as has already been pointed out,) especially in the segues, but it really was a case of getting it finished so things could move on. I mean, I don't think it deserves to be shot, but the interlude is still my favorite. This one's the custom-binned red-headed stepchild.

Previously on The Elven Heritage Legacy: Midina's Interlude: If it Makes You Happy
Continue to: 1.6 The Three Musketeers, part 3


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