Jan. 2nd, 2014 11:41 am
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Because this is more interesting than real college.

"This is your chicken."

Hey, I'm on break still, and I've ordered my books, so there. I have to say, sims sororities and fraternities are much more interesting than their real-life counterparts. Maybe that's because I'm in charge of the traditions for this one.

As always, cookies for the detail-oriented... Who is getting inducted? (It's the blonde... who is not Meadow Thayer. Second hint: this character has dyed her hair since starting college.) 
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ETA: tomorrow night. I don't know why I keep doing newspaper mockups, though I suppose it's handy. I think the paper in RBH has got nothing better to do than stalk my legacy. That or nobody else ever does anything...

Oh, yeah, and I really like the color in this shot. I realized this morning that I'd color coded my sims. I assure you it's unintentional.

*Waves arms* Syyyyyyymbolism! I think it means, something, Watson!
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And this sees me much of the way through prom... I make no estimates as to the arrival of the new chapters, but I have only one lab write up this week...

Oh, yeah: prompt me for myshuno here. Especially if you see something in here that you like. :) I already have 33 prompts!

Not really spoilers, I promise )


Sep. 3rd, 2012 02:21 pm
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All moved in, now to purchase books and work on the new chapter! Hopefully I'll get a lot more written now. Time for a sneak peek. 
*  *  *

“And this… Sheldon boy,” Yvette said, cutting her pancakes delicately, making every statement a velvet cloth draped over a razor as she interrogated her youngest daughter, “He comes from a good family?”
Idalese attempted a smile. “Well, his parents own a cabin up in Three Lakes,” she said.

“A landed family.” If she didn’t know any better, she might have thought she detected a trace of pride in her mother’s statement. That was the danger.

“The cabin was passed down from Sheldon’s Great Grandfather.”

“At this rate, we shall have to stall your wedding: it won’t do for the youngest daughter to be married off before the oldest.” Yvette dabbed her mouth with her napkin.

Idalese wilted in relief even as Nymea shot her a supremely dirty look across the table. She’d claim to be sick to get out of these morning interrogations, especially when her mother was analyzing prom for any possible trace of wedding bells, except for the fact that it would bring her parent’s attention to her even more. And Nymea would, no doubt, do something nasty to get it back.

“The only thing those girls are good for is marrying off,” Antoin said, putting down his fork, “Not a brain in their skulls or the sense the green ones gave a rabbit. We should have been getting offers for Nymea for years now.” He wiped his mouth, and Idalese automatically served him another pancake. “And the boy’s lazy,” he added as an afterthought, having run out of complaints early.

“Rean!” he bellowed at the door, “You’d better be out here when I’ve got the paper, boy!”

As if she had never been interrupted – though she wouldn’t dare speak while her husband was speaking – Yvette fixed her attention on Nymea.

“Did you meet any young gentlemen at the dance?” she asked, as if daring her oldest daughter to disappoint her.

Nymea scowled and stabbed at her plate – discreetly, as infringements of table etiquette were hardly the way to get Yvette off her daughters’ backs – and Idalese could hear her voice dripping with dark resentment and hatred when she replied.

“No,” Nymea admitted, “but Rean did.”

Idalese kicked her under the table, but Nymea only smiled a vicious smile. She supposed that she should be happy that she had stopped being the target of her sister’s wrath, but… life was just so difficult with Nymea in the house, and she had no illusions that it would improve once both her older siblings left for college. Once she was the only person under her mother’s watchful eye, she’d fall even further short of expectations than she did now.

“Don’t be ridiculous, Nymea,” Yvette said with a stern sniff, “Unnatural, immoral behavior like that is not a joking matter, especially when you are making such crude comments about your own brother. If this is how you speak with your peers, it’s no wonder that you never have any young gentlemen interested in you, just opportunistic young cads.” She took a delicate sip of orange juice. “Your brother attended the ball with that Elvensong girl, and that, to my mind is the right way to go about this. He is courting a lovely girl – an elven girl, whose family is very respectable, and whose father holds a prominent position in the community. If you hadn’t burned bridges with her, you might be keeping equally respectable company, Nymea.”

Nymea scoffed, “Ara? Her parents are peasants.”

Yvette’s gracious smile shrank a few milimeteres and grew brittle for a moment. “We must make every effort to be gracious to the noveaux riche.”

In the kitchen, the sink dripped.


Jun. 3rd, 2012 09:49 pm
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This had better be the last teaser, I batch-edited like crazy today. And that's after I built a set... Damn those roads, pretend you can't see them in this one, okay? I've got to fix that...
ETA is still sometime this week. Hopefully. Though, I'm just crossing my fingers that slideshare will be okay with this beast, because it's already over 180 slides, and I have two large, unwritten scenes to put in.
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And the wedding colors appear to be white and green.
Everybody has new formals, and... oh yeah. You haven't seen little miss stands-on-the-left at this age stage yet.

Yup, it's Lydia. That should tell you whose wedding it is...
Also, she really looks like Eluisa here. Has something to do with the matching colors (possibly the way she's wearing her hair - she has a different everyday hair, because I liked this one but it's out of character for everyday,) or possibly the fact that every single elf in my game has blue or green eyes. Exceptions are Orion (and his grey definitely has blue undertones) and Rean and Nymea's father, Antoin Greenleaf, who you probably don't care about because I have trouble stirring myself to care about him at all.  
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Not much for a teaser, but hey look! The Newson and Greenman tots are all grown up. I'm thinking of doing some tiny side-stories for the Newsons and Greenmans - projects that I'll actually be able to update during this fall when the lab schedule from hell hits me. The legacy will obviously be following the key players to college, and Greenman and Newson people are likely to be shortchanged when they're no longer in the vicinity of the main lines, even though I'm still invested in what happens to them all.


Mar. 24th, 2012 01:10 pm
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Hey, I now have 70+ consecutive slides! Chapter just over half done, really...

*Is proud of myself because I managed to half-decently mouse draw broken glass.*


Oct. 27th, 2011 11:08 am
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Consider yourself teased.
ETA for chapter 11, Bad Company, is this weekend.
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I'm working on it. There's quite a bit of staging for this chapter, but thankfully the scenes that require major use of the school and all sorts of posing hacks are about half done.

In other news... )


Jul. 10th, 2011 10:28 am
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Podiatrist appointment made. Ankle wrapped. Ibuprofin consumed. Pictures shot for more than 80% of the new chapter. I think it's going to be a whopper. And that's even after I played around with the timeline, putting a large chunk of staging in the next chapter because, upon further thought, it made more sense there. Oh, and I pruned a thread of the story which was getting unecessarily complicated - why go through all that with spares when the same end results are accomplished with the easy method, I don't know... the end result is that you will be seeing the Greenman family again, and a little more often than I had planned. That's all.
I need to re-shoot a scene now, due to an appearance change which I didn't take into account when I made it.

This one was shot before I realized that Aranel won't look exactly the same next chapter... but doesn't the school look lovely? Their private school's colors are blue and white. And it's secretly just a good re-deco of the public school, with some new stuff I found.

The earlier fic about Aranel's 'friends' was too good not to follow through on, so I aged up Tessa and dressed up Melody - they're lovely sims, by the way - and got ready to shoot it, managing to get the above picture and a few of its twins for reference. Now if only I could find some textbooks for Tessa to carry...

Grr. I just had to go in three times to get the picture in there right.
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I will have finished the interlude. Look for it starting next week...


Yep, it's all 4 of them. Which means that everyone gets to hear the story of how Aunty Eluisa met their mothers, and I have over 80 pictures already for part 3 of the interlude... yeah, it's going to be major.
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Finally, I have the time and energy to do a little work on the chapter.

By the end of the day I plan to be done writing what has been one of the more difficult sequences to me, because this new section is rather different from the first two. The principle of "Show, don't Tell" is really central to this part of the narrative, so the pictures will tell you things that the words don't. I'm fighting with it just a bit, because I have to have Eluisa tell events that she didn't witness, which was easier in the case of Chalimyra, who got a story within a story.

Gimp for your amusement )
Scribbles is alive. I'm surrounded in kleenex and boxes from college, but the fever's mostly gone down and I'm gunning for three proper meals today. So far, so good.
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Cookies if anyone knows who this is :)
Memoria part 3 should be coming out in... probably less than three weeks. Maybe faster, depending on what the doctor says about my ankle. If it really is broken, expect me to be rather more glued to my computer than I would be normally.
Because not everyone wants to hear me complain about injuries and final Exams )
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Memoria, Part 2 )
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Apperently I am in the "less than 1% of people for whom photobucket service has not resumed."
I always knew I was special. *Sighs*
Anyhow, I've tried Imgur, and how much I like it will depend entirely on whether or not these pics work.

I need one before a cut.
More test pictures after the cut )
This also takes the place of my sporadic "Look, I took pictures!" posts while working on this chapter. Looks like it worked, though.
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Yep. Here's some teaser pics for part 2 of Memoria to tide you over.
I should remember how to make a cut by now... )
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Sooo... I'm beginning to think that there's a reason I didn't make CreMo.
That reason can probably be summed up as attack of the epic backstory.

I will upload the actual chapters in segments, as what I have is too long... )


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