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So, I've started to get some new journal-reading people from both the Sims community and Das Sporking. Since I fully intend to keep up with my legacy and sims-related posts, but also still feel the urge to blog about sci fi and post reviews of truly horrible books - and since I would like to keep them in one place for both my convenience and for yours, I have been wondering if I should start a community for the writing/book reviews stuff. It would keep it out of the hair of the people who only want the legacy, but as far as I can tell, there's plenty of people who are willing to read both sims related and writing related posts. I do know that if or when I start organizing this journal to include spitefics, sporkings, writing advice and book reviews, a ton of stuff from my fictionpress is going to be edited and migrate over. I know I already sort-of did that, at the other blog, but I haven't got the time to maintain that one to my own standards and I end up following anyone who is remotely interesting over here instead. I could also make a community for the directly sims-related stuff, such as downloads and legacy chapters, but as I've been posting that over here longer, it would be harder, and honestly I still have a majority of people who come here for the sims. I could do both communities, and still post all the stuff here, just double post so that people who didn't care in the least about one or the other topic can simply follow a more focused, more organized community.

Anybody have any thoughts/advice?
Second question: do you guys wish to read all that I post, just sims stuff, just writing stuff, or some unholy combination of the above combined with random reviews?
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I finished making the posters. But Mediafire is uploading them ridiculously slowly, to the point where there seems to be no progress though I've been waiting for the thing to register movement for almost twenty minutes. Mediafire being unreasonable for anyone else? I mean, it could be the new drag and drop thing, but it's not like I have no bandwidth on my internet right now: I'm the only one home. 

Anybody got suggestions for other sites? I have an account at 4shared, but I'd rather not put you people to the hassle of downloading the 66 posters individually. (Omigod, that's why it took so long! I had thirty three posters on two different meshes! I'm nuts!) Plus, 4shared has been absolutely ridiculous in the past about this, flagging anything made using Bodyshop or SimPE as malware.

That, and I kind of want to give you guys your Christmas Presents <i>this</i> year. :/


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