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Yes, I'm certain this is chapter 12. I checked and everything... And I made it through this chapter in eleven (and some) months! Not that it wasn't 50% done in May and 80% done by August... I blame Thesis.

Ahem. Like I said, this is the first chapter of 2014, and the first college chapter. Who knows, I might even get through another one within a reasonable time frame.

In any case, do you like my new cover art? It was about time for something newer than the same 10 pictures of the burning tree tortured in GIMP so that they looked different. That up there is me learning to use the gradient and draw vectors tools... but not the color replace tools. *Shrugs*


Apr. 25th, 2013 07:37 pm
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This is all of the crap in the debug object spawing games box (that monstrosity, top right,) that is labeled "scythe."
Except for the money, which got eaten by the floor, and the disappearing invisible accordion. (I shit you not, it's an accordion. Where it came from, I don't know.)
Notice: Only one of them is a scythe. None of them is the groceries basket on the delivery NPC, even though it is totally an interactable spawned object, and somehow the cell phone is in here. What the hell, game creators. What the actual hell.

Plan B: find something else that looks like a basket! And stop stalling, this chapter's been on the wait list long enough. (Oh, and because you can't recognize the lot because I dumped this crap on the roof; it's the Riverblossom Hills Grocery store.

Here, have a not-really-a-spoiler for your troubles.
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Guys. Meet Bastian Roanoke and Amadeus Salieri.

I built the house in the background: it will be showing up again. 

I'm most pleased about how Amadeus turned out, though I'm pretty darn proud of Bastian too. 

Bastian's got another of those faces that isn't remarkable until it's in motion, kind of like Lydia's. I do think I'm going to remove the stubble, though. It's too dark, or something.

This post brought to you by a nose, and the fact that I just whipped through half a semester with these guys. You'll be seeing some of them next chapter. 

Oh, and if you don't know who these people are, and would like a refresher, highlight the following for a not-really-spoilery-but-hidden-anyway-message: Bastian is slated to marry Aranel, and Amadeus is the future husband of Rean. Bastian's LTW is to become a city planner, and he's fortune/pop/stats I can't find right now. Amadeus wants to be a rock god, and is currently a plain old fortune sim.
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New Chapter's up. 

I will mess with the embed some other time. Maybe when the internet becomes a reasonable place and slideshare stops changing the embed on me.

Hmmm... I think I owe someone cookies for guessing what happened last time. 
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Obviously, this is a general post. I've got a countdown up for the chapter, and I need about 10 images, two of which need photomanipulation. Woot - go me. Next chapter is slowly, but surely, being written. I've got two scenes, and this time I really do think that I won't need too many things. Besides more casual teen male clothes - anybody know of something non-photoskinned? *Crosses fingers and spits on them.*

The chapter might actually have been up tomorrow, if not for my roommate's car, and Birdie, my lovely former-almost-roommate, who dropped in for a surprise visit on Saturday. (Yes, it's my fault that people call her Birdie.)

What happened was this:
"How many college girls does it take to change a tire?" )
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And this sees me much of the way through prom... I make no estimates as to the arrival of the new chapters, but I have only one lab write up this week...

Oh, yeah: prompt me for myshuno here. Especially if you see something in here that you like. :) I already have 33 prompts!

Not really spoilers, I promise )

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It lives here, so prompt me and all that jazz. You folks know what you want.  

Oh, yeah, and progress update: Almost done shooting Prom. I'm breaking this chapter in half for my own convenience, so that means that with prom there and most of the beginning of this chapter written, you might actually get it at some point. 

And do I have the teaser pictures for you guys. I'll post them tomorrow when things are sorted. 
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So, if you haven't been to the fishing polls in simspiration, I'm playing. My category, voted in at 44%, is Action Adventure, except since I've been doing little with the written word except reading a series of detective stories which feature some mostly Noir heroes, my category is really Noir Action/Adventure/any other related genre whose toes I want to step on. I'm toying with having dinosaurs, but it still needs a title...

Also, I misread the poll and started writing on the fourteenth, but as I didn't get too far and it was mostly a test run to see if I could manage this particular tone, I'll just start counting from where I am. 

Here, have pictures and a textwall and randomness )


Jun. 3rd, 2012 09:49 pm
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This had better be the last teaser, I batch-edited like crazy today. And that's after I built a set... Damn those roads, pretend you can't see them in this one, okay? I've got to fix that...
ETA is still sometime this week. Hopefully. Though, I'm just crossing my fingers that slideshare will be okay with this beast, because it's already over 180 slides, and I have two large, unwritten scenes to put in.


Jun. 1st, 2012 03:50 pm
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Serious writing happened today. Number of unwritten scenes is now about 3. Number of unfilmed scenes is still 5 or so.
Number of slides will exceed 150, holy cow. Not counting interludes, this is technically the tenth chapter, and only one more until college stuff starts, so I suppose stuff got stuffed in here... I don't get it though, I cut or combined five scenes over the course of writing this!

Oh well. I also finished a book review today, so that's fun. I have read most of the books I planned to review (I think there's only two left on the pile...) but now I've got to read the papers I've been putting off which pertain to my actual research. I've just been making myself busy cramming in nights with the girls at home before I go back to campus, I guess.

Chapter 10 ETA: sometime next week.
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So, back from memorial day with the grandparents, and I've got a progress report for you all.

EHL Chapter 12, Tremors:
Six scenes left to film (More like 5.5, a couple will be shot en masse. And I get to use the school! If I have, in fact, managed to retain it's decorated version...)
Scenes left to write: Also about 5-6, I need to check on where I left off with writing them up seperately
Photos left to edit: None, unless I have another instance in which my heavily-posed-on-a-community-lot shot turns out to have the sim equivalent of a two inch gap between Anariel and her hair.
Sets left to Build: Just the one. Really huge, though... and extras in a new neighborhood are needed for that one. However, I will need it multiple times, because...

I am redoing Chapter One. Call me crazy, but I'm doing it. I think, actually, that it will be shorter than the original, (which has only about 100 slides, once you get rid of authors' notes and title page.) And it should go much faster, as there will not be a lot of new pictures, if any, being taken. The writing quality, however, which is what I have hated about that chapter for several years now, will definitely improve. (My excuse: I was going to observe a quick, half-length legacy, take maybe three or four chapters to do a generation, send kids off to college after they'd been teens for a little under a week, and make some fun stuff on the exchange that I would be done with in a year and a half, tops. Clearly, that didn't work out.)

Other than that, I will be doing the Newson/Greenman stories, probably as fics with a couple pictures apiece, in a sort of loose progression of stories that cross over with the legacy people by way of Orion Fairmaiden - not that he won't have any focus in the main legacy, but I've noticed that he's not a large part of any main story conflict currently, so he might as well have a foot in both worlds. Oh, and one chapter left until college, are you as relieved as I am?

Meanwhile, my other writing project for the upcoming couple weeks is a series of book reviews at the other blog, [ profile] calli_scribbles, where I will review an assortment of books that I've managed to read since finals. Most of them have been quite good, others... well, tune in to find out!
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And the wedding colors appear to be white and green.
Everybody has new formals, and... oh yeah. You haven't seen little miss stands-on-the-left at this age stage yet.

Yup, it's Lydia. That should tell you whose wedding it is...
Also, she really looks like Eluisa here. Has something to do with the matching colors (possibly the way she's wearing her hair - she has a different everyday hair, because I liked this one but it's out of character for everyday,) or possibly the fact that every single elf in my game has blue or green eyes. Exceptions are Orion (and his grey definitely has blue undertones) and Rean and Nymea's father, Antoin Greenleaf, who you probably don't care about because I have trouble stirring myself to care about him at all.  
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Right. So, either by a very thin margin or a rather small goal, I won.
Current number of filmed, written slides in EHL 1.12, Tremors = 70
Slides written on but not filmed = 6 ish

Scenes shot: 4 if you count by event, 7 if you count by scene break.
Scenes left to shoot in chapter: 7 ish (My outlining is a little wonky for this chapter, part of the reason it was taking so long this month.)

So, since at least 3 of the scenes left to go are short, chapter's about half done. Whoopee! Hopefully I can pick up the scattered extra shots tonight, and film at least one more scene this week, bringing me up to 80-90 slides. (Estimated chapter length is 140-160 slides, like usual.)

Oh yeah, and the next chapter is short, because it's all about the teens. Then, College! Much better than last year. Oh, and this time I mean it - there is only one proper chapter left before I start sending people to college.


Mar. 24th, 2012 01:10 pm
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Hey, I now have 70+ consecutive slides! Chapter just over half done, really...

*Is proud of myself because I managed to half-decently mouse draw broken glass.*
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So, I got to play my game a little. And now when I fix everybody's stats and ages, the Elvensongs are going to need to dig up another treasure chest.

Please excuse our dust: Under Construction )

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Finally! A chapter that's finished on time.


Oct. 22nd, 2011 06:44 pm
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So, I actually opened the game today with the intent of getting the last of the school scenes done. Well, I got one of them done...
Actually, my game was pretty slow, and I finally moved the school over to the stage neighborhood, so I spent most of this time adding decorations after I shot one of the scenes.

Of course you want to see my high school... )


Jul. 10th, 2011 10:28 am
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Podiatrist appointment made. Ankle wrapped. Ibuprofin consumed. Pictures shot for more than 80% of the new chapter. I think it's going to be a whopper. And that's even after I played around with the timeline, putting a large chunk of staging in the next chapter because, upon further thought, it made more sense there. Oh, and I pruned a thread of the story which was getting unecessarily complicated - why go through all that with spares when the same end results are accomplished with the easy method, I don't know... the end result is that you will be seeing the Greenman family again, and a little more often than I had planned. That's all.
I need to re-shoot a scene now, due to an appearance change which I didn't take into account when I made it.

This one was shot before I realized that Aranel won't look exactly the same next chapter... but doesn't the school look lovely? Their private school's colors are blue and white. And it's secretly just a good re-deco of the public school, with some new stuff I found.

The earlier fic about Aranel's 'friends' was too good not to follow through on, so I aged up Tessa and dressed up Melody - they're lovely sims, by the way - and got ready to shoot it, managing to get the above picture and a few of its twins for reference. Now if only I could find some textbooks for Tessa to carry...

Grr. I just had to go in three times to get the picture in there right.
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Summary: Five generations of elves who have migrated from another world, Elphemerea, will have to learn to deal with the modern world in Riverblossom Hills and the surrounding area, while remaining true to their heritage and traditions. Meanwhile, I get progressively better at photoshop.

Generation One: Haldir

The story as a whole is rated PG for swearing, some violence, some sexual situations. Individual warnings are largely on the chapters themselves.

Generation One: Haldir
Chapter One: Arrival.
Chapter Two: Off to See the Wizard
Chapter Three: Domestic Bliss
Chapter Four: The Three Musketeers, part 1

Midina's Interlude: If it Makes You Happy

Chapter Five: The Three Musketeers, Part 2
Chapter Six: The Three Musketeers, Part 3
Chapter Seven: Sisterly Love

Eluisa's Interlude: Memoria Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4,

Chapter Eight: Friends Like These.
Chapter Nine: Bad Company
Chapter Ten: Tremors
Chapter Eleven: Graduand (Part 1), Graduand (Part 2)
Chapter Twelve: Sophomoric
Chapter Thirteen: Fresh Meat*
Chapter Fourteen: Senioritis

Zaliander's Interlude: Hubris

Chapter Fifteen: Cum Laude

* Note: The entirety of Shadows Fall takes place during Fresh Meat, and though it's not germane to the main legacy, I recommend reading it. At least before you read Cum Laude. It will probably update before the next legacy chapter anyway... as I'm doing simblreen again, for 2016. :D

Can't wait for the next chapter? Check out some official fics for the Elven Heritage Legacy. (Note: I haven't been putting a lot of these up recently.)

Download the Elves: This will be up and running when I start graduating this batch from college, and sort my geneticized skins. I'm a bit of a perfectionist and I'm currently looking for better versions of the old Enalya pixie skins and for eyes where they've got the corners from Anva's Sclera, but no vast black gaps above when sims open their eyes wide. 


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