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Instant Messages in a Bottle
Anya is being kept by a yellow house with a smug porch. The people on the other side of the computer screen are real. Probably. At least she’s determined to proceed with that assumption, because it is good to not be alone… especially since she’s not certain what the house wants from her, or what is going on outside the windows.

There aren’t any birds here.

Anya’s Profile: Instant Messages In A Bottle

First match: Seth’s Profile
Letter One (to Seth): The Tuesday Garden

Seth: Inside the Walls
Letter Two (to Seth): Gaps in the Web

Seth: Caramel Centers
Letter Three (to Seth): Anechoic

Second Match: Kiana Moss
Kiana: A Letter to Anya
Letter Four (to Kiana): Sun Gravy

Kiana: Gathering Flowers
Letter Five (to Kiana): The Persistence of Salami 

Kiana: Planting Seeds
Letter Six (to Kiana): Saponification

Seth: Uncracked
Letter Seven (to Seth): Corona of Teeth

Kiana: Glow Garden
Letter Eight (to Kiana): Telephone Whispers

Interlude: Into the Night Garden
Letter eight (to Seth, unprompted): Unshelled

Kiana: Chess
Letter Nine (to Kiana): People I Have Been


Headquarters of The Pen Pal Project

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I put up the first part of Shadows Fall in Halloween of 2015. It got longer. For now, these links are going to the Tumblr posts, but I'll probably crosspost full chapters here at some point in the future.

As a special event, Chapter Two is going up, one section per day, over the 2016 Halloween Weekend. Also, be sure to check out my tumblr for random build and play pictures.

Chapter One:
Part One * Part Two * Part Three

Chapter Two:
Part One * Part Two * Part Three

Chapter Three:


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