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And there's a chapter coming this weekend, I swear - I'm so far behind on NaNo due to schoolwork that I decided "fuck it, this isn't a month that is even remotely feasible for a college student do do NaNo in," and I've given myself an extra week.

This bit won the reading competition at writing club's NaNo writing sprints tonight. ...Given that I'm President and I keep winning, I should probably stop competing. Though I can't complain - I needed the chocolate.
*  *  *

The darkness in the attic of Martin’s house was filled with cobwebs. And possibly angry spiders, but Martin sincerely hoped not. He’d been moving boxes for the last half an hour, and they were filled with dust and mildew. If he hadn’t known how long it had been since any of the boxes were cleaned out, he would have been highly annoyed that the task had fallen to him.

But since the last time those boxes had moved he’d just watched a more permanent box close forever, he hadn’t complained to his mother yet. He’d just been trying not to think of it.

Unfortunately, his mother wasn’t helping.

“That one there,” she said, “the one with ‘dishes’ written on it in red marker and then crossed out.”

Martin shifted a box until he could see the word ‘dishes’ next to the word ‘books’ both scratched out, in the light of the single bulb. “This one?” he asked, just to be sure.

“Yes, I think that’s the one with your father’s old clothes,” she said. There was a second where the only sound in the room was the rain on the roof above. “We’re going to have to go through them and see what fits you and what we need to donate.”

There was an uncomfortable dusty knot in Martin’s throat at the thought of wearing his father’s clothes, of taking them out of that box and letting the dark pills of mothballs fall from the knees and the cuffs of the soap-smelling shirts that never had smelled like that before, not like dust and soap, but like ashes and oil, machine and fire smells that seemed to follow his dad everywhere.

He met his mother’s eyes, misty in the uncertain light of the dusty bulb and the cobwebs.

“Anything else?”

His mother turned about, staring under the eaves as if she could have missed something. The boxes were piled up to the rafters and the other debris of the years was strewn across the floor. Martin saw his old rocking horse in a corner, and under the shadow of the shelves, there was the faded outline of his old toy fire truck. He turned from it and stared at the dim lightbulb until the red and purple behind his eyes made it impossible to see.

Nano, day 7

Nov. 7th, 2011 10:40 am
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I worked all of yesterday, so... yay, 11k?

Today's excerpt:
There had been a rainstorm the night before, and the world should have looked scrubbed, fresh and new, but there was still a drowned note to the early morning sunlight and the world seemed watery. There was a mist rising over the sea and invading the lower reaches of the town, forming a cloak that obscured the horizon, beyond which the outer isle lurked like a squatting tiger. The shadows lay oddly in corners, exhausted from all the doubts that had been lurking in them.

I stood in the sunlight and raised my hand above the door. I had already decided. I had a right to know and to be part of the planning here. Besides, it was my job. There would be no more dwelling on the past or fear of shadows, at least not on my part.

I have to admit, I'm kind of scared because the story is progressing forward towards the end of the trilogy so quickly. But I feel like there's no more time for Raellyn to wait - even though I kind of want to put off the decision she's going to have to make. I can't help it, I get really attatched to first-person characters sometimes, and Rae is, according to my scribbly friends "my token well-adjusted character," in a world that makes sense. Or at least, it used to. It's a beautiful place but that beauty is going to be awful as well, which I suppose is just like reality.

This series went from something simple and happy where I didn't pay much attention to anything outside of the action and humor to something much more contemplative. I see Raellyn's character changing already, and the important bits haven't even happened yet. She started out irresponsible - well, she was nineteen - and I think that she's already grown up, she just doesn't have the time to realize it before everything gets complicated. I think she'll find what she needs to find, though, in the end.


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