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Some of you know that I'm in research methods, which is mini-thesis class, so I've been sort of incredibly busy. Add to that the fact that this month is crazy because of all the family birthdays, tax season, new semester school obligations, and the fact that I'm retaking Cell and Molecular Biology, (Which isn't really that scary this time because I sort of know what I'm doing already and am not currently having a month-long panic attack,) along with the fact that I went home last weekend to help fix things up around the house because my dad pinched a nerve and my dog slipped his patella (so someone needs to walk him at a very controlled pace,) it's been a bit quiet on the Midwestern Front. The dog is having surgery on Thursday - according to the vet, this sort of thing is to be expected, as he's a male lab and a bit shy of seven. He's not supposed to play so much with other dogs any more because he just doesn't know when to quit.

There's not really a lot of this in my life at school. (Well, dancing lamas, that is: unidentifiable caf food happens quite a bit. I think they ran out of vegetables.) Also, is it just me, or does the llama mascot mesh look a bit... awkward at this angle? I guess it could just be that there's no way a sim can see out of that. Then again, when have I been surprised that Maxis has it's most fun with the last meshes you'd ever use?

Now, this looks much more familiar. I'm currently working on my readings and bibliography for my pre-thesis papers, which are all about the importance of forensics and geosciences in archaeology. (Archaeology and Environmental Science major, hopefully going into Archaeometry (the chemical study of artifacts) for the big "if," otherwise known as grad school.) I've spent the last week or so simply finding extracts from articles that might be helpful; I've still got to order the books and articles and then read them and take the notes. All this so that I can spend my summer rotting eggshells and chicken bones.

... I realize that wasn't precisely in common English up there, so... I have to spend this semester doing a 20 page paper with nearly 50 sources on how my job as an archaeologist is exactly like being Sherlock Holmes, except with less Victorians and very little glory. (Decidedly less falling off cliffs and people trying to murder me with trick boxes full of germs too - that's a good life goal, I think.) Also, the Religions Majors that I share this class with are a bit skeeved that I'm going to be burying chicken legs and that half my articles so far come from the body farm. A strong stomach is not a prerequisite to major in religion.

On a completely different note, my simself kind of looks like Belle.

What the heck is with the dude in the window?? I've never noticed how many background Disney characters don't even have human proportions....

... I ought to clarify: I don't actually usually walk outside with my books. I just wander the halls muttering. It's part of a small war I have going on with the people who live below me and keep playing music at all hours of the night. Some day I shall isolate the room that it has been coming from and stuff their keyhole with paper. Or maybe not, because that would be unreasonably hard to get out. But I'll think of something. ;)

My campus looks less like this and more like there's a wet white blanket on everything right now. It's still snowing, and has been since about thirty minutes after I went into the lab this afternoon. Microscopy labs are nice because they're very clean, but at the same time they play hell with my depth perception because most of the binocular pieces don't have a setting that will actually accommodate my eyes. I think mine must be unusually wide-set or something, because I have 20-20 vision and there really shouldn't be this much of a problem, but it took me an extra half an hour today due to a combination of actually trying to represent the cells and eye strain.

So far, I'm resisting the urge to roll in the snow like a dog, because I'd be drenched.

I made a very small snow mound last time it snowed, but mostly I ran up and down campus taking deliberately artistic pictures of trees and looking for someone I knew to attack with snow.

Unfortunately, our school mascot is nowhere near this accommodating to my insane antics.

... Although, I do have a class full of Religions majors that I might be able to pull a fast one on...
(Also, our mascot is a torch. Yeah, you heard me. He's a torch. He looks even derpier than the llama, just in a different way. And no, he's not part of the Fantastic Four, because that might actually be interesting.)

Yeah. When I get a chance to sim, I'm busy setting up the college and the rotation, I've got most of the chapter mapped out but not written, and I hope to update sometime around spring break. Other than that, I'm doing good,  I have a short story in the works wherein I and some LJ buddies go back in time to knock some sense into the selfish head of Ayn Rand (look up objectivism: you'll figure out why I think she's one of the most self-centered, slimiest weaklings to ever crawl the earth,) [and damn, why is there not a clip or a gif for that?]
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All right, since I am (crazily) doing cre-mo, here's the goal:

Finish EHL 1 part 10: Tremors
Words Written: 660
Slides Filmed: 0
Stages set... eh, most of them.

(More realisitc goal: get 70 slides of Tremors written and shot, while finishing the rebuild. Then do family pictures, which I have been putting off, neglecting, waiting for certain ages to occur prior to shooting.)

Second Goal: Start chapter 11, tentatively titled Blaze of Glory.

Hey look guys! I am two chapters away from sending people off to college, Woot!


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