Aug. 19th, 2013 04:23 pm
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Hey, I've been trying for an hour or so to make a split-level cabin, and I just want to ask: does anybody else's game crash on them when they use boolprop constrain floor elevation false too much? It's not an overheating thing, I think it might be a memory thing, though I thought I'd gotten rid of it, because my game hasn't crashed upon trying to save an empty lot in a long, long time. :(

Blargh Sims. Why is it so hard to do this? *Grumbles off into the distance.*


Apr. 25th, 2013 07:37 pm
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This is all of the crap in the debug object spawing games box (that monstrosity, top right,) that is labeled "scythe."
Except for the money, which got eaten by the floor, and the disappearing invisible accordion. (I shit you not, it's an accordion. Where it came from, I don't know.)
Notice: Only one of them is a scythe. None of them is the groceries basket on the delivery NPC, even though it is totally an interactable spawned object, and somehow the cell phone is in here. What the hell, game creators. What the actual hell.

Plan B: find something else that looks like a basket! And stop stalling, this chapter's been on the wait list long enough. (Oh, and because you can't recognize the lot because I dumped this crap on the roof; it's the Riverblossom Hills Grocery store.

Here, have a not-really-a-spoiler for your troubles.
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  I'm full of energy for new stories, so expect the second half of the chapter some time before the new year - I've got it open right now and I have, of the seven scenes, two written and one filmed. Meanwhile, I've been poking about something else - namely, a reboot of my BACC/Prosperity Challenge/I made up extra rules as I went along neighborhood. 
  It's not much to look at yet, but my head-story is that it was once the kind of town up north (that's Northern Wisconsin - I ought to be more specific) where the population is very small, there are only a couple of big box stores, and the population triples in the summer when people go up to their cabins. I'd say I probably won't be writing anything in this neighborhood - and it will probably take me forever to build all the houses anyway - but I've already got a story going in my head. We'll see if it remains a brain story. I am definitely not going to neglect the Elven Heritage Legacy for it - I'm just going to get it set up when I'm burnt out of writing and filming. 
  Since I was at two families in my now seriously-messed-up first rendition of this neighborhood, I've decided to do the adjusted rules/prosperity style kind of thing, and add a couple more. Probably after a few rotations that will go by the wayside, especially since I'm building most of the island (yes, this is on an island) first so that it will look like a recently abandoned/sparsely populated town. Look for lots of lots when I learn to package them. 

... Yeah, I've mostly given up the NaNo deadline, so I'm doing other stuff to spur my creativity!
  Including making over a family I've never bothered with before: the Ramaswamis. Mostly, I wanted to know if the Greenmans, who are the only Maxis family I've bred that I've got accessible pictures of, were unusual in how facially mismatched their kids turned out to be. Not that Briar and Azalea haven't grown on me (oh god the puns...) but because out of the four children that Rose and Jason actually have together, there's plenty of odd faces and Azalea is the relatively "pretty one."
  This is her "Middle School Makeover" by the way - she's just shy of thirteen in the story, and I realized that aside from spams, no one is ever going to see it. I've experimented with Stretch Skeleton lately, and will probably implement it across the neighborhood after the teens start going to college, if only because the fact that maxis thinks five and thirteen year olds are the same height (The normal height for kids is appropriate for eight or nine year olds... tots all look about three,) has seriously begun to annoy me.
  Genna's still one of my favorites, though. (Took her long enough to get a nickname, but "Genlisea Aurea" is a mouthful. So is Zebrina Pendula, but I've been calling her Zebrina or a while.)
  Where was I? Right, pretty kids. I packaged everybody the other day, including the Greenmans, and out of that family, Azalea is definitely the looker. So I wondered if it was just my skins (I'm slowly geneticizing ones I like and pruning ones I don't - this set of defaults is going to get chucked when that's finalized for something with more definition and less "make up." So I spawned a Maxis spawnlet with a relatively attractive couple of premades: Sanjay and Priya Ramaswami.
  This is what I got. Individual results may vary, (and I guess the last batch of Jessi skins came geneticized? She should be S4/S4 so that skin has to be pretty much an exact S4...) but I'm happy. Meet Sita Ramaswami, stats currently ignored in favor of more cute.
  The poor girl's my new guinea pig on how heights and hair and clothing styles can be used to make kids look their age. This is Sita at StretchSkeleton 0.80, probably just about ready for kindergarten or first grade. Given that Azalea was at about 1.05, I don't have an extreme lot to work with in height ranges (especially when we hit teens - people expect preteens to be stringy and kindergartners to have chubby dimpled arms, so the mesh changes aren't that bad,) and I don't want to run into animation difficulties, because I still do play my game as well as shooting it, and I do try to use game interactions for some shots. (It would take about 200% longer if I posed everyone individually...) 
  That's about all sim-wise, aside from that I'll be putting sims up for general download once I have proper pictures of them. And that I need to clean and compressorize my files again, but that's old news. Hopefully I'll get the external hard drive for Christmas this year - I'm buying my brother minecraft, with the condition that I'll be able to play it on the home computer.
  Oh, yeah! I've decided to start packaging lots. Anybody with opinions on what I should upload can feel free to chime in. Most of the lots are more manageable than the Elvensong one, though. And they don't come with strays attacking the flowerpots.
  ... I can't guarantee the safety of your sim gardeners though. I tend to let plants go wild. 

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So, if you haven't been to the fishing polls in simspiration, I'm playing. My category, voted in at 44%, is Action Adventure, except since I've been doing little with the written word except reading a series of detective stories which feature some mostly Noir heroes, my category is really Noir Action/Adventure/any other related genre whose toes I want to step on. I'm toying with having dinosaurs, but it still needs a title...

Also, I misread the poll and started writing on the fourteenth, but as I didn't get too far and it was mostly a test run to see if I could manage this particular tone, I'll just start counting from where I am. 

Here, have pictures and a textwall and randomness )
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Last stop: Antigua Guatemala

Where I take Deliberately Artistic Photos )

TL;DR for the entire trip
When it rains in Guatemala, it’s because I’m awesome. It rains in Guatemala every day.
Boats get sick of me.
I can speak French… in Spanish.
When I bargain with street vendors, they try to give my friends discounts.
My majors are Life, the Universe, and Everything.
I not only speak dead languages, I bring them back to life.
Undertow carries me back to the beach and gives me a fruity drink with an umbrella.
All my shrimps are jumbo sized.
I am the most respected vintage worldwide for mosquito connoisseurs.
I will eat anything that holds still for long enough. However, my food is not always that patient, and attempts to jump into my mouth.
All stray dogs recognize me as their pack alpha.
Monuments photoshop themselves into my photographs.
Half-wild horses do not drag me away, they ask politely.
Volcanoes beg for me to climb them.
I have used a volcanic vent to light a torch. It was not overkill.
I do not need directions.
I can track down a museum by its smell.
I have the most awesome symbol of the Maya Zodiac.
Airport security lets me keep honey, which is definitely a liquid.
I am…
The Most Interesting Girl in the World.
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So, I got to play my game a little. And now when I fix everybody's stats and ages, the Elvensongs are going to need to dig up another treasure chest.

Please excuse our dust: Under Construction )

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Edited because cuts should work.
Game crashed, so I might as well do something sims-related now...

Clearly my graphics card is still overtaxed...

More spam than you can fit in a can )


Jul. 10th, 2011 10:28 am
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Podiatrist appointment made. Ankle wrapped. Ibuprofin consumed. Pictures shot for more than 80% of the new chapter. I think it's going to be a whopper. And that's even after I played around with the timeline, putting a large chunk of staging in the next chapter because, upon further thought, it made more sense there. Oh, and I pruned a thread of the story which was getting unecessarily complicated - why go through all that with spares when the same end results are accomplished with the easy method, I don't know... the end result is that you will be seeing the Greenman family again, and a little more often than I had planned. That's all.
I need to re-shoot a scene now, due to an appearance change which I didn't take into account when I made it.

This one was shot before I realized that Aranel won't look exactly the same next chapter... but doesn't the school look lovely? Their private school's colors are blue and white. And it's secretly just a good re-deco of the public school, with some new stuff I found.

The earlier fic about Aranel's 'friends' was too good not to follow through on, so I aged up Tessa and dressed up Melody - they're lovely sims, by the way - and got ready to shoot it, managing to get the above picture and a few of its twins for reference. Now if only I could find some textbooks for Tessa to carry...

Grr. I just had to go in three times to get the picture in there right.
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I'm bored. I'm out of library books. My fictionpress buddies both have jobs, so they're turning up nothing for me to beta or even read. My computer has decided that 6 hours of sims in one day is where it draws the line and crashes. I still don't have a job.

You get a spam because I played half a rotation in approximately 9 hours total.
Life marches onward )
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Just wasted my morning on electronic applications. Failed the personality test, because I a) didn't lie and b) don't have a stock personality. I'm not bubbly all the time, and I'm not a recluse. Who knew?

Frustrations aside, you get spam because it makes me feel better. Yeah, you heard that right.

Huge spam of 98 pictures. )
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Yep. Here's some teaser pics for part 2 of Memoria to tide you over.
I should remember how to make a cut by now... )
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Sooo... I'm beginning to think that there's a reason I didn't make CreMo.
That reason can probably be summed up as attack of the epic backstory.

I will upload the actual chapters in segments, as what I have is too long... )
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Because I have my computer back yet am nowhere near finished with the chapter, you get a picspam. And boy, did I bite off more than I can chew!
The insanity )
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I was already focused on getting Eluisa's interlude out during February, though I know stuff will happen to delay it (read: resuming normal activities during spring semester, and my 19th birthday) so I decided to make it my SimStoCreMo goal. So far, I've got all the necessary sets, some of the necessary writing, and no idea how it all ties together.
On this note, have a picspam. )
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Yeah... this picture pretty much sums up my month.

How many OSMP's did this take? Only 3, surprisingly. The lag, however... that was another story entirely.
In which I have 32 k wordcount, 2/3 of a chapter that was supposed to come out in October, and a term paper about Mercury and fish. )

And this has been a lot of pent-up frustration and some accomplishments. Scribbles over and out.
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I just thought this was cute... and since the kids are little and the spam is little, it gets a cute name. Work with me here.
All for one )


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