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It's almost over guys, I have to defend it tonight. After that, all I've gotta do is finish corrections.

They'd better feed me at this thesis gathering.

ETA: Finished the presentation, nobody seems to have suspected that I'm not a real scientist. :D
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Yeah, if I don't reply to messages for a few weeks, don't worry! I just need to do some soil testing and some re-writing and I'm in for a couple rather busy weekends, and I've gotta schedule some stuff before spring break, which is creeping up on me like a seagull that wants to drop me on a rock to crack me open and eat my insides... Ahem. Because the semester's one third over and I've gotta finish stuff and try to stand a chance at being an actual facts adult. I mean, all I really want to do is stay in this shell and poke my little beady eyeballs out at the world, but I've outgrown this shell and wow, this wasn't meant to be a metaphor, guys.

Anyway, did you know that hermit crabs will follow conchs around to wait and see if the shells they drop after they lick out the mollusk inside will fit? The hermit crab has to basically jump right in as soon as the conch  is full, because sometimes there's competition for the dropped shells. It takes claws of steel to hop right in there and hope the conch isn't up for desert, I tell you.
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So guess what guys? I've been busy. And I've taken several people's advice to get my ass in gear and start actually writing my mystery novels, so...

(Now, how did that font become the semi-official header font for the whole series? Eh. It's pretty and readable, which is the only thing that matters. Besides, formatting doesn't matter in a first draft so long as you do the right paragraph breaks and can find where you left off without having to re-read the whole thing. Not pictured here: witty chapter titles. Yes, I have a confession to make: witty chapter titles are often the last thing that I think of.)

  So far, my J-term schedule has been

1) Pound the snot out of paper pulp for three straight hours in the morning, and then throw water everywhere in the name of art.

2) Spend two hours in the afternoon pounding the snot out of bags of dirt, then sift through them for seeds and discard any dead beetles I find.

3) Work on Switchpoint for some amount of time between fifteen minutes and an hour. Despite my own laziness, [ profile] sh_marr's competitive spirit and unsubtle taunting (we're racing to the ends of our respective novels this semester: blame S. and not me for that brilliant idea,) has driven me to complete the scariest 2,000 odd words ever since we started last week: the official beginning of my entire series... and the first impression anyone will ever have of it.

4) Get distracted by the internet, watching movies and shows with the girls (I'm catching up on Supernatural one painful episode at a time, and I'm letting myself watch Sherlock, in accordance with how many chapters I get done,) going to the gym, or booting the sims and making over Riverblossom Hills. Or just doing anything that doesn't involve a) having the main cast age, b) actual shooting pictures. I'm also avoiding Myst 4 Revelations because I am stuck. And thoughts of what happens after Thesis - job hunting and the real world.

Time to go start chapter 2... and blow off class-related research about Chuck Close, considering that I had to write a three page biography of him and do a portfolio of three pieces in his style for honors art sophomore year of high school. I better damn well know who chuck close is, guys. It's his fault that I once made a 24"x36" self-portrait using nothing but my own fingerprints (and my thumbnails dipped in ink when my fingers weren't fine enough.)

This is how artists go mad, guys. Not that being a scientist has a better outlook for continued sanity...

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Somehow I got into the habit of doing these things, but today I feel quite lazy.

Last Year's highlights:
January: I put out one chapter (yes, I know... all the blame is mine,) of The Elven Heritage Legacy last year. For those of you who showed up to the journal at some point since last January, The Elven Heritage Legacy is a serial Sims 2 machinomic in a Legacy format, wherein we follow the descendants of a single family... or in this case, because I hate following the rules, four families of Elves who have emigrated from the vaguely medival-ish world of Elphemera to areas in and surrounding the modern, mildly rural community of Riverblossom Hills.

Since I have no clue when I started the EHL anymore (I think it was some time in the summer of 2010 or even earlier... my notes say that the first post was in late August of 2009,) I'm counting this year as the official fifth year of my legacy. New readers be warned - I didn't take the first five or so chapters seriously beyond editing for grammar and consistency. The quality has increased exponentially since then, so it might be best to hop in at The Three Musketeers part two or three. Or if you want the quick version, start with Memoria. Either way, the EHL is by no means required reading, and definitely not dead, despite my extremely awful updating schedule. The next chapter, Sophomoric, will be chapter twelve on my official counter and out soonish. Emphasis on the ish.

June: I went to Israel. I also dug up some stuff. I saw every single Corinthian column in the country, it seems like. I then came home and spent the rest of the summer working on the Thesis which shall not be named, which went badly enough that I had to start over.

August - December: I worked on Thesis, take two. I also researched and wrote Poor Unfortunate Souls, the forty-thousand-odd word novella length spitefic that was born after I got so mad that Fifty Shades of Grey existed that I decided to research the crimes that were actually committed in the book and end it as civilization, human decency, and common sense intended: with Christian Grey's arrest. The fic was primarily intended for members of [ profile] das_sporking, and anyone else who likes mysteries, hates Fifty Shades, or blunders by my journal. As of the new year, I'm cross-posting what chapters I haven't already shamelessly promoted to [ profile] twispitefic.

Longtime browsers over here might sort of recognize the two detectives starring in Poor Unfortunate Souls, probably from snippets of my past attempts at Nanowrimo. Allie Veldon, mage (not wizard or magician, thank you!) and Lindsay Pilot, detective, are in fact part of their own original series, which brings us to my plans for 2014: I'm having a go at writing their first novel, Switchpoint, during spring semester. So I'll probably babble about that at some point without giving you guys anything much to read for it, as I intend at some point to try and get them published. :D

New Year's Resolutions:

1) Finish Thesis and then forget it ever happened. I have to defend the sucker in March. After March, assuming I pass, I can cheerfully kick the monstrosity to the curb, secure in the knowledge that I will never have to do it again and that I hate academia anyway.

2) Graduate. I've been at my college four years - longer than I've known most people who actually come to this blog. While I'm terrified to leave, it's high time for me to go, and Roommate has already expressed her desire to move to the city with me, where we will hopefully have accomplished resolution 3.

3) Get a Job. I'm looking at a lot of chemistry/practical microbiology/water and food safety type of jobs for now. I've been told conflicting things about the job market. I keep hearing of places that supposedly will hire graduates right out of school  because they're so focused that they don't care if you have higher education, they'd have to train you on their instruments regardless of how many degrees you have.

The dream job is one at the state water and food safety lab. The c-string backup option is water management... for those of you not in the know, that's often water reclamation, as in purification of wastewater.


4) Move out. Insofar as I live anywhere, since I am a college gypsy, I live above my parents' garage in a room stacked full of boxes, because the damn things follow me from school to home like needy puppies. Assuming I get a job, somewhere, I'd prefer my own place by this time next year, and I'm sure my parents would prefer it too. (I know this because my mother keeps giving me secondhand furniture and dishes.) I'd prefer to get it with Roommate, and potentially some of the other girls from college, but that all depends on who gets jobs and grad schools where. We've located a suitable rental as a best-case-scenario, and for me the worst case scenario continues to be waking up whenever the garage door opens or closes.

5) Write Switchpoint. It's high time for me to finish something geared towards actual publication. I've had Allie and Lindsay as characters for nearly the same amount of time that I've had everyone from the Elven Heritage Legacy. This won't be appearing on Live Journal (undoubtedly, yelling about the research process will, because there's always something you haven't yet researched,) but it's a major goal nonetheless. I've been writing more or less continuously since I was seven, and though college has done it's best to throw a monkey wrench into that fifteen-year streak, I think I've done my ten thousand words by now.

Switchpoint is a dieselpunk science-fantasy mystery (with a cherry on top) involving smuggling, the mob, sarcastic detectives, take-no-shit police officers, a railway timetable (or several), magic, and lots and lots of trains. You will not believe how many trains there are.

6) Put out the yearly two chapters of The Elven Heritage Legacy. In theory, doing this will keep me more or less sane through research, job hunting, graduation, and the mysterious world of actual adulthood.
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So, guess what's not done?
... Yeah. There will be no Poor Unfortunate Souls update this week, because I only have the time to edit one thing. We're on page 16 of 20 right now. It's not of a chapter. I shouldn't even be posting here, but my eyes are sliding off citations like otters off a rock. And I could have avoided putting it off until Thanksgiving Break, and my inevitable psychological explosion, if only my professors had understood the dangers of assigning term papers to seniors!

I'm also headed down to Chicago with the rents and the canine unit on Wednesday, to pick up my little brother, who doesn't have term papers or thesis at this point, as he is a freshman. Then, it's over the river and through the woods, to Grandmother's house in the snow, and my 10 bajillion cousins and keeping Grandpa from disassembling anything important. Fortunately, I can type while I grandparent sit, and I've set my computer to lock when I shut the lid, so the tykes can't play with it. Not that they won't want to play anyway, but that is officially the job of the Fraternal Unit. If you see me on here at any point in the next six days, yell at me.

Edit, as of Tuesday: Yeah, Yeah I know. Don't bother yelling, I'll be gone in a minute after comments, because guys, I am so bored. I'm set-fire-to-random-things bored. One semester is far too long to spend on one paper subject, especially when you can't even do the damn experiment yet! And, fool that I am, I agreed to spend most of J-term sorting dirt and finishing writing this thing. The previous few weeks I could at least do my other homework, but I'm editing now and it's not even interesting. (The fact that I'm alone at home with a dog and snow and it's fucking November probably doesn't help. I managed to get some stuff done yesterday, but at this point, the 17 page monstrosity is only making me depressed and restless. [Yeah, I tried walking the dog - made me feel better, didn't get any thesis done, back to square one.] Why oh why don't we write  monographs any more? For one thing, they're shorter.)

All that and I only have one more page done. One. Somebody kidnap me to go hunt down Atlantis or something so that I don't have to deal with this crap.

Long story short: go straight to last-minute research for supporting details. Do not pass go. Do not collect $1,000.

Americans: Happy Turkey Day/Football Extravaganza/Extended Family Awareness Day.
Students: Happy Drink 'till you forget about Thesis Defense. My life, where did it go?
Everybody not in those two categories: Have some chocolate, and pray for my soul.
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That there are purple carrots?

I shit you not, these aren't even some weird cultivar. There are purple carrots and the purple on the outside comes from anthrocyanin, the same thing that makes blueberries blue and purple pansies violet. The orange carrot has only been around since the 17th century, when the Dutch bred it to show support of the House of Orange.

A note to historical (pre 17th century, of course,) and medieval fiction writers: If your carrots are orange on the outside, you're doing it wrong!

Did you know that I just finished my thesis draft and that I've been excused one of my seminars for the next semester because I'm kind of brilliant that way and talked them into letting me follow the science thesis format exclusively instead of the weird hodgepodge of Humanities and Science standards that I have been following?

Did you know that there are also purple potatoes?

Anthrocyanin again, though these are a weird cultivar.

Did you know that if you eat any number of these lovely vegetables containing anthrocyanin, or blueberries, blackberries, beets, or eggplant, your teeth and lips will not be stained purple, and people will not avoid you for half an hour as if you are a purple people eater?

Eat just one cookie from the cafeteria covered in "blueberry purple" frosting, however...

This has been a public service announcement by Scribbles.
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Guatemala post soon, peeps. Mostly, it's been homework (spanish lit is interesting, but renders me unable to communicate in english) and lots of school stuff for a new semester. I got most of the really horrible stuff out of the way first, including swapping rooms, out of the way in the first two weeks, though. (Just kidding, I love the new room-sharing unit, and ex-room-sharing unit is happily ensconced down the hall with her chem lab partner, who just happens to be another of my best friends. We go there when we want to use the TV.)

Anyhow, I found this old thing that I wrote a while back, and as I'm currently writing valentines fics and rebuilding, I thought I should share with you a cut scene from one of the last chapters.

Name: One for All
Characters: Elirand, Achenar, Calla
Summary: It's healthy to cut class once in a while...
And never underestimate a girl mastermind )
Extra note: gotta love perceptive old ladies

On the Run

Oct. 5th, 2011 01:13 pm
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Name: On the Run
Characters: Ana and Lydia, again
Rating: low T. High schoolers cuss occasionally.
Summary: It was a crime of opportunity.
Word Count: 2737
Classification: AU insanity
Set: AU Ana and Lydia are teenagers at a boarding school. I know nothing about boarding schools except what I read, so this should be fun.

"This is the last time I let you talk me into something like this." )


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