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So, it's time to shamelessly promote my sideblog for book reviews: Secondhand Reviews! The rules are that if I can get it for under five dollars, it's fair game, so this includes books that I got at rummage sales, things that I find online in the public domain, and books that get dumped on me because I'm sort of an unofficial orphanage for unneeded novels. I update when I finish books (if I finish books, in one case that I'm still trying to bleach from my brain,) and I'll review almost anything that holds still long enough, from nearly any genre. The books may range in quality, though I'm fairly certain that my reviews don't. :D

So far, I've read:

The Bean Trees, by Barbara Kingsolver (5/5)
A Murder of Quality, by John Le Carre (3/5)
A Plague of Angels by Sheri S. Teper (0/5, insert panicked octopus noping here)
Star Wars: Heir to the Empire by Timothy Zahn (4.9/5)
Nerilka's Story: A Pern Adventure by Anne McCaffrey (3/5)
Pegasus in Flight by Anne McCaffrey (2/5 officially: 4/5 if you don't read the last two chapters)

Next two in the lineup are The Golem and the Jinni, by Helene Wecker, a gorgeous book that I'm still writing up, and Murder on the Orient Express, because it's about damn time for me to gird my ovaries and accept that though I will never be Agatha Christie, I sure as hell can learn from her.

... I will be deeply indebted to anyone who wants to spork A Plague of Angels. That may be the only way to wash its stain from my mind.
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I've decided I should write short stories more often. I think I'm a little under a quarter done with this one (no working title yet, but it's an Allie and Lindsay mystery that isn't quite as complicated as Switchpoint,) and I have to say that it's going pretty well so far. Probably because everything's on a very tight schedule that doesn't leave anyone stranded on a train to fool around for a couple hours when it turns out to be the wrong one... yes, that's what they're doing in Switchpoint right now, fooling around on trains.  
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So, back from memorial day with the grandparents, and I've got a progress report for you all.

EHL Chapter 12, Tremors:
Six scenes left to film (More like 5.5, a couple will be shot en masse. And I get to use the school! If I have, in fact, managed to retain it's decorated version...)
Scenes left to write: Also about 5-6, I need to check on where I left off with writing them up seperately
Photos left to edit: None, unless I have another instance in which my heavily-posed-on-a-community-lot shot turns out to have the sim equivalent of a two inch gap between Anariel and her hair.
Sets left to Build: Just the one. Really huge, though... and extras in a new neighborhood are needed for that one. However, I will need it multiple times, because...

I am redoing Chapter One. Call me crazy, but I'm doing it. I think, actually, that it will be shorter than the original, (which has only about 100 slides, once you get rid of authors' notes and title page.) And it should go much faster, as there will not be a lot of new pictures, if any, being taken. The writing quality, however, which is what I have hated about that chapter for several years now, will definitely improve. (My excuse: I was going to observe a quick, half-length legacy, take maybe three or four chapters to do a generation, send kids off to college after they'd been teens for a little under a week, and make some fun stuff on the exchange that I would be done with in a year and a half, tops. Clearly, that didn't work out.)

Other than that, I will be doing the Newson/Greenman stories, probably as fics with a couple pictures apiece, in a sort of loose progression of stories that cross over with the legacy people by way of Orion Fairmaiden - not that he won't have any focus in the main legacy, but I've noticed that he's not a large part of any main story conflict currently, so he might as well have a foot in both worlds. Oh, and one chapter left until college, are you as relieved as I am?

Meanwhile, my other writing project for the upcoming couple weeks is a series of book reviews at the other blog, [ profile] calli_scribbles, where I will review an assortment of books that I've managed to read since finals. Most of them have been quite good, others... well, tune in to find out!


Aug. 18th, 2011 01:54 pm
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I'm going to start advertizing. Simstorytellers, Simstorylibrary, the works.
That said, I need a banner picture )


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