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Thank you to mzyra, for bringing it to my attention that I should probably make sure that people can actually find my sims when they want to borrow them. For now, it's just the founding generation: I'll be working on getting decent headshots later when I start putting up members of generation one as they head to college. 

Oh, and for future reference: Everybody has CC eyes and skin. Deal with it. Vanilla game equivalents are listed if you hate the CC.

Haldir Elvensong, Elven Heritage Legacy founder: A Family/Knowledge Aquarius, with stats of 4/6/5/5/5
Black Hair, green eyes, s2 ish.
Recessive genes: blonde hair
Viridia Elvensong (nee Fairfeild) A Family/Pop sim, Aries, with 5/7/6/3/4 stats.
Red hair, green eyes, closer to s1 than s2.
Recessive genes: none

Note: Sims do not come with the clothing pictured above. In fact, they look completely different now and come with their current (probably final) CC in regards to skin, eyes and hair. 

Note: There does not appear to be even a semi-current picture of Talon without Chalimyra glued to him at the lips. Make of that what you will. 
Talon Elkthorn Fortune/Romance Taurus, 5/6/4/6/4
Brown hair, brown eyes, S2
Recessive Genes: None

Chalimyra Elkthorn: nee Oziras) Popularity/Fortune Cancer, 6/4/6/4/5
Black hair, light blue eyes, S4 or darker
Recessive genes: None

Couldn't find any non-dark pictures of Makir, sorry. He doesn't show up well in the dark.

Makir Shadeson: Pleasure/Family Cancer, 5/6/6/5/7
Blonde hair, Dark Blue (custom) eyes, grey CC skin. (It's not alien, and it's not s4. It's grey.)
Recessive Genes: None

Midina Shadeson: omance/Pleasure Leo, 4/10/3/6/3
Blonde hair, teal (maxis-matchers might as well make them dark blue) eyes, S1 ish.
Recessive Genes: None

Eluisa Fairmaiden: Popularity/Knowledge Aquarius, 4/4/4/7/6
Brown hair, light blue eyes, S2 ish. 
Recessive genes: Blonde hair.

I'll fix up this page when I have more current pictures
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All of the poster patters come from DeviantArt poster NaBHaN, and they're lovely. I could have made more, but I stopped while I was ahead because I already had more than enough (there are 33 recolors... no I'm not sane, why do you ask?) and because GIMP crapped out on me kind of a lot. They're also a bit more distinct than this (and brighter - when I lower posters they have shadows, thanks a lot Apartment Life,) in game, and they come on the Reggae Mon poster [Uni, I think,] and everyone's favorite, the Grilled Cheese poster [Nightlife.] If you don't have Uni or Nightlife, you're SOL until the new year. I couldn't find any appropriate base Game meshes. :(

Happy Holidays everyone, and enjoy! I'm not going to be posting a chapter until well after Christmas, because I'm headed over the river and through the woods to Grandmother's house on Sunday.
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I finished making the posters. But Mediafire is uploading them ridiculously slowly, to the point where there seems to be no progress though I've been waiting for the thing to register movement for almost twenty minutes. Mediafire being unreasonable for anyone else? I mean, it could be the new drag and drop thing, but it's not like I have no bandwidth on my internet right now: I'm the only one home. 

Anybody got suggestions for other sites? I have an account at 4shared, but I'd rather not put you people to the hassle of downloading the 66 posters individually. (Omigod, that's why it took so long! I had thirty three posters on two different meshes! I'm nuts!) Plus, 4shared has been absolutely ridiculous in the past about this, flagging anything made using Bodyshop or SimPE as malware.

That, and I kind of want to give you guys your Christmas Presents <i>this</i> year. :/


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