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That there are purple carrots?

I shit you not, these aren't even some weird cultivar. There are purple carrots and the purple on the outside comes from anthrocyanin, the same thing that makes blueberries blue and purple pansies violet. The orange carrot has only been around since the 17th century, when the Dutch bred it to show support of the House of Orange.

A note to historical (pre 17th century, of course,) and medieval fiction writers: If your carrots are orange on the outside, you're doing it wrong!

Did you know that I just finished my thesis draft and that I've been excused one of my seminars for the next semester because I'm kind of brilliant that way and talked them into letting me follow the science thesis format exclusively instead of the weird hodgepodge of Humanities and Science standards that I have been following?

Did you know that there are also purple potatoes?

Anthrocyanin again, though these are a weird cultivar.

Did you know that if you eat any number of these lovely vegetables containing anthrocyanin, or blueberries, blackberries, beets, or eggplant, your teeth and lips will not be stained purple, and people will not avoid you for half an hour as if you are a purple people eater?

Eat just one cookie from the cafeteria covered in "blueberry purple" frosting, however...

This has been a public service announcement by Scribbles.
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Spent my day carting about 150 pounds of compressed nitrogen (weighs almost as much as me) around, hooking up compressors to an evaporator and crawling about with an eyedropper full of soapsuds to check for leaks. If I'd been thinking, I would have took a couple steamunk glamor shots with my equimpent. :) Then I poked my head in all the fire safes to look for bottles of clear, smelly liquid. Then I realized that I'd just done an extra hour or so worth of inventory because all I really needed to look for was Hexane, Acetone, and Dichloromethane. Now it's time to go do my part for democracy and vote to fix Wisconsin.


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